Our Tribute to a Great Beverage

Ski is a soda (pop if you prefer) which is strikingly like Mountain Dew (tm) with a few notable exceptions:

  1. It is sold in white cans with a cool logo, and bottled independently in Breese, IL (among other places. Please visit the official Double-Cola home page for much more info!).
  2. It tastes better, largely due to:
  3. There is a LOT more sugar, citrus, and caffeine involved. To describe Ski I often tell people it's like two Mountain Dews in the same can.
  4. Because of (3) you must turn the can over a few times before opening, or else when you get to the bottom you get a HUGE burst of citrus and sugar that has fallen out of solution in the refrigerator.
  5. You cannot drink Ski warm.
  6. No, I'm serious. If you try to drink it warm I take no responsibility for the consequences.

Things that NEED to be cleared up:

Some people are under the mistaken impression that Surge (tm Coca-Cola) bears even a CLOSE resemblance to Ski.
These people are broken. There are many ways to distinguish Ski from Surge:

  1. Ski has been around for many years.
  2. Ski is yellower than that radioactive unnatural Surge green.
  3. Ski tastes BETTER than Mountain Dew, not WORSE like Surge.
  4. Ski cannot be used to perform science experiments because of the high citrus and sugar content, whereas we have found Surge to be explosive when combined with certain foods.

Ski projects:

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