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Here we showcase a handful of the undertakings which occupy our time and thought cycles.  Procrastination is an art, and these are some of our masterpieces.

Searching for life elsewhere is more fun than dealing with life here...

So here we are with a spiffy new server and it spends most of the day idling away the hours.  To remedy this shameful situation, Matthew suggested that we should enter the fast-paced exciting world of data crunching.  So now our server is doing something useful, even though we may not be.

Update!  SETI likes us now that we have done our first 1,000 work units for them.  See?

Total hover-fatalities: 0 and counting...

Has anyone ever told you that something you wanted to do just couldn't be done?  Well when we decided to build a fully autonomous hovercraft, we got copious doses of pessimism from many of our would-be supporters.  But stubborness, dedication, and a strong desire not to do our work overcame all obstacles!  If you've ever wondered what it would be like to pilot a 5'x10' 11 h.p. twilight blue hockey-puck around town, you HAVE to check out the hovercraft.

Web Neko
How much for that kitty in the window?

If you are using a javascript and layers capable browser, there should be a small white cat in your browser window, in the upper-left corner.  Its name is Neko, and it is a simple implementation of the classic desktop mouse-chasing program of the same name.  Click on Neko to see what I mean.  More info at

Long ago in a dormitory far, far away... 

This was our very first procrastination project (except to make the web page itself, I suppose).  We set about the seemingly-simple task of making a rendered animation of a spinning pop-can.  For the model, we chose our favorite beverage and alertness-aid, Ski.  To learn more about both, check out our Tribute to Ski

Googolplex Project
Infinity doesn't take too kindly to being analyzed.

Have you ever thought about how long forever is?  Have you ever watched Cosmos?  Have you ever been so bored that you couldn't possibly get any work done?  You need a dose of large number theory.  Very large.  (sorry about the background image).

Wear what you believe in.

This project is still in the concept stage.  Our goal is to design at least two different t-shirts.  Themes are: procrastination, and science fiction.  These are two areas in which we have a lot of expertise, so we should do well.  Now all we need is some inspiration.  That, and possibly Illustrator and Photoshop.

Oversized Lava Lamp
Sometimes, Size really does Matter.

Lava lamps are pretty cool in general, but they suffer from being pretty small. Now, it's been said that good things come in small packages, but I got to wondering if I could just change the scale on fun. So, in the spirit of Bigger and Better, (and theoretically to teach kids about density) I made a lava lamp that was slightly larger than average.

More project writeups on the way once Doug and Matthew take a crack at this page.  Stay tuned!