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Difficult as it may be to believe, life does exist outside of  Here we have recorded a few places you might like to visit, because let's face it, you don't want to get back to work QUITE yet...
Structured Procrastination
We found a professor at Stanford who explains the whole process of "structured procrastination" better than we do.  While we don't follow this precisely, it's a good solid model that's darn close to our approach.  If you're a procrastinator at heart, but want to still be a useful human you have to check this out.
Procrastinator's Watch
Here is one procrastinator who takes an interesting approach at explaining how our minds work. Anything involving non-linear time is probably worth checking out.  Hey, you got something better to do?!
V.D.I.S.T.Y.A.O.A. Club
If you hate Valentine's Day, or if the whole relationship thing is getting you down, this is the Club for you.
A generation of Nintendo players has grown up, and is now seeking evidence that we haven't wasted our childhood.  Check out this web comic and learn what made all those robot bosses tick.
The Physics Van!
OK, this one is a blatant plug for an organization that we know and love.  It doesn't endorse or even relate to procrastination, but it is one of the best and most worthwhile non-work uses of time that has ever existed.

Graphics History of PC.O
This site has been around for quite a while.  Getting on to four or five years now, easily (as of October 2000).  Of course, it wasn't always  No, it started life as a little page spurred off of Doug's U of I students account (former url:

If you're interested in doing a little web archaeology, take a look at some of the graphics we have used in the past.
It's about computer stuff, but it's not really.
If you're not a nerd, don't bother.  If you are, you've already been there today.  Listed here for completeness.
Warcraft II
Sure, it's not exactly the newest game around any more.  But it had Soul, and what's more, it had mages.  And orcs, and bloodlust, and blizzards.  If you long for the good ol' days, check out this link and read about our fondest memories of a classic game.  (sorry about the background image).
Not for the faint of heart.  But if you weren't totally bored, you wouldn't have been reading THIS site for so long.  You can easily waste hours reading seanbaby's site.  If you're going to get all offended then don't go there.