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  1. Pizza that is loathsome or disgusting due to an unnatural combination of toppings, such as “Chicken Bacon Ranch”.
  2. A style of pizza that is an affront to the pizza gods of whatever city you are from (i.e. St. Louis style pizza when in Chicago, or California style pizza … everywhere)



transitive dicking

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  1. Dicking that trickles down to you from one or more layers above you in the organizational chart or chain of command. Commonly occurs in large, bureaucratic organizations. For instance, your bosses’ boss directs him or her to do something asinine, which results in you doing something even more senseless.


Unsolicited cookies

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  1. Unsuspected delicious baked goods (preferably containing chocolate). Unsolicited cookies may be given with either good or malicious intent (the key is that the recipient does not expect them). Beware of lawsuits.
  2. Web browser state objects saved to your drive from third party sites (such as advertising agencies). These unsolicited cookies are definitely not delicious.

-mere, greg

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