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This is by far one of the biggest ways I have procrastinated in my entire life.  This is a “simple” 2D space shooter internet game that came out around 1995 when I found it on-line in my freshman year of college and have spent sick amount of time playing since.  In fact thanks to a lovely in game command I have spent over 4971 hours in the game since September of 1998 which is when the official records were restarted.  It is grossly addictive for being an old game.  I had given it up for awhile but am back at it again.


Stargate SG-1: The Alliance

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One of my favorite ways to avoid doing meaningful work is to watch an episode of Stargate: SG-1 on the TiVo. What can be better than watching O’Neil, Carter, and the crew combat nasty space snakes with glowing eyes?

How about an SG-1 video game! I just discovered the Stargate SG-1: The Alliance site, and I can’t wait to play it. The screenshot of the gate room looks really cool, although they didn’t show the gate.

I like how they just sort of randomly put a colon into the various Stargate franchise names wherever they feel like it.

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