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Happy Halloween!!

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:57 pm

Where's the good stuff?
“I don’t get it, Frank.. Where’s all the good stuff?”


58,000 ballots already missing in Florida

Filed under: — Matthew @ 3:42 pm

Geez. The election hasn’t even happened and Florida has already “lost” some of the ballots. Good thing we have BBC News to report these things because apparently the American news sources haven’t heard.


New hope for back pain?

Filed under: — Melissa @ 11:01 am

This isn’t a humorous post, but rather something I saw and thought could be interesting to people suffering with back pain. Apparently, they’re working on artificial disks for those who need to swap out the parts that God gave them in v.1.


Goldfish Extinction

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:04 pm

Damn you, Pepperidge Farm. Every time I find a new Goldfish cracker variety that I enjoy, that species quickly disappears, to be replaced by slightly less powerful breeds in flashier packaging. They used to have “Spicy Cheddar”, then they downgraded to “Nothin’ but Nacho”, and now all I can find is “Eh, it’s still Cheese Flavored”.

Barely There

Filed under: — Greg @ 8:45 pm

The newest innovation in fabric is actually single-atom-thick carbon nanofabric called ‘graphene’. They are looking at this for applications in computers. I keep thinking “hmm, really thin strong fabric” and then I kind of blank out for a minute as my mind takes that to its own conclusions.

DVDs = Coasters

Filed under: — Greg @ 8:29 pm

Some commentary on the “what’s next” technology that will be sending your whole beautiful DVD collection off to the same place you store all those AOL CDs.

Can’t get left out

Filed under: — Greg @ 8:19 pm

Everyone else has mentioned the Flying Lawnmower. We here at feel that we would be in dereliction of duty if we did not follow suit.

Taking it apart is cheating

Filed under: — Greg @ 7:59 pm

Oh wow, this is the coolest waste of time I’ve seen in a LONG time. This guy designed and built a functional (though kind of impractical) Rubik’s CubeTM out of LegosTM!

Happy Autumn from Central IL

Filed under: — Greg @ 7:18 pm

Some photos I snapped in (mostly) Washington park recently.



Who are these people??

Filed under: — Matthew @ 10:57 pm

This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. A woman broke into a house, moved in, and redecorated while the owner was on vacation. She even changed the utilities into her name!


Orbital Dust Bunnies

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:44 am

This CNN article might be a little bit too pseudo for some of our astro-physics readers, but I was amused at the comparison of planetary accretion to dust bunny accumulation. So if I don’t sweep my floor for a few million years, will a new planetary system develop? I think we owe it to ourselves to find out.


We all lovebees, but come on

Filed under: — Greg @ 7:34 pm

This is an interesting writeup of an alternate-reality game called ILoveBees, that is dovetailing with the Halo 2 plotline.

Reality TV

Filed under: — Greg @ 7:12 pm

This guy’s TV emitted an emergency signal that caused his life to turn, briefly, into a real police-search-and-rescue show.


The Year of the Satellite

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:35 pm

A Chinese satellite somewhat suddenly entered a house in China upon its return to Earth.

I’ve fallen…

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:30 pm

…and I can wirelessly transmit that I can’t get up. This is a t-shirt that decides whether you fell over, and sends a signal if so. I want to know what it thinks in the washer when it hits the spin cycle.


Darwin would be proud

Filed under: — Melissa @ 12:55 pm

I was reading this story about some “Asian invaders” in our ecosystem. I got to thinking that as bad as this is for Lake Michigan, you have to admire the incredible tenacity and adaptability of these creatures! They’re fish that can frickin crawl on land and more or less come back from the dead!!


Here comes the holodeck

Filed under: — Greg @ 10:44 am

Well, a piece at a time. This is almost certainly marketing hype, but any technology that promises 3d object display and interaction without klunky electronic eyewear gets my attention.

Martians looking at the Earth

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:17 am

Here is a shot of what Earth looks like from Mars. It was taken by the Spirit rover, one of the currently active Martians (well, it’s not coming back to Earth, so it might as well be a Mars citizen!)


Immortality and prime time

Filed under: — Greg @ 3:47 pm

Let me start out by saying that I often watch Star Trek: Enterprise. But don’t leave yet! Because while pondering the dynamics (i.e. things that suck) of the show, its plots, characters, and direction, I came upon an epiphany.


Myst 4 = mmm

Filed under: — Greg @ 10:30 am

I have a fascination bordering on obsession for the Myst series of games. CNN has a pretty useful review on the newest one. If I bought that, I would likely forget to eat at all, till I finished it.

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