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Biggest telescope evar

Filed under: — Greg @ 8:37 pm

What a great idea. You can see better detail by spreading out your array. Just put nodes all over the world and you get an Earth-sized telescope! Finally, a use for the Earth =)

A new kind of space junk

Filed under: — Greg @ 8:31 pm

Turns out no one thought to sign up for curb-side garbage pick up on the International Space Station. So instead, they are just never throwing anything away.

Better check those facts!

Filed under: — Greg @ 8:28 pm

Cheney accidentally recommended that people check the veracity of his claims by visiting what turned out to be (oops) an anti-Bush site.

Irony, thy name is URL.

Think she saw this one coming?

Filed under: — Melissa @ 1:15 pm

Famed astrologer Joyce Jilson died.

I don’t have any other comments on that, I just wonder if psychics forecast their own demise.

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