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What’s in YOUR yard

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:32 pm

If I had kids, two things I would not leave lying around my yard would have to be a machete and a BB gun. This story is unsettling on at least (but not limited to) two separate levels.

Another kind of solar

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:18 pm

When I was a little kid I used to imagine (thoroughly impractical, but how was I to know) ways to get a car to run via various forms of solar power, or possibly perpetual motion, or both.

So when I see a hydrogen car that makes its own hydrogen using solar power I sit up and take note!

Google from your phone!

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:06 pm

Google has launched a completely neat SMS search service! But it’s not like normal google searching, it’s specialized to answer questions in short formats. Look up zipcodes, area codes, calculations, facts, places to eat, prices of stuff, etc. I am just drooling over this stuff…

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