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Only a theory!

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The weaknesses in darwinistic theories have been glossed over for too long. Several new theories have come to favor in recent years to try to fill in the gaps.


The thrill of the hunt

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It’s summer in North America. And with the summer heat we see the emergence of several species that had been hibernating during the long cold months. Of these warm-weather animals, surely one of the strangest and most fascinating to behold is that perennial prey of American children– the ice-cream truck.


Breeding a more insidious ad

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The ad war between pushers and blockers has escalated once again, to no one’s great surprise.

Now that IE finally blocks popup windows, that revenue stream has quickly dried up. The problem is that there are several far more evil ways to put unsolicited content in users’ faces (fake ad-word links, floating ads, etc.). Until recently, these new breeds were pretty rare, almost novelties. But now that every major browser on the market sends popups packing, ad creators are quickly adapting.

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