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Procrastinator’s Calendar!

Filed under: — Greg @ 1:05 pm

procrastinators_calendarAnn Barb sent me this lovely and vastly over-flattering note.  So in exchange I am touting their project on our fanciful, unlikely-to-help-their-link-rank-in-any-way web site.

Hey guys!

Thought you guys might get a kick out of this: The Procrastinator’s Calendar.

It’s a calendar that doesn’t start until March, and features extra space at the end of the week and end of the month (when everything actually gets done), along with procrastinator-specific holidays and procrastination-inducing artwork.

It’s funding on Kickstarter right now. It’s already past its goal, which is completely against the entire idea of the calendar, but oh well! Haha.

Check it out here:


P.S. Thanks for having an awesome site. You guys rule.

You’re welcome, Ann.  I assure you, that you are the one who rules.


Music to Procrastinate By

Filed under: — Greg @ 4:36 pm

Back in February, I got the following message.  In true procrastinatorial fashion, I am just now finally getting around to sharing it with the world:


I am a fan of procrastination and recently found your site.

I’m a New York City-baed jazz vocalist and lyricist, and have recently released a CD titled The Procrastinator, with a song on it called the Procrastinator. In part it is a tribute to the original album with this title, by trumpeter Lee Morgan. Morgan also wrote the instrumental tune The Procrastinator, which I wrote the lyrics for & sing on the CD.
I put it up on Youtune (kind of a rudimentary video, but it has the whole song):

Perhaps it’s something your members would enjoy!

I hope Dorian gets a few hits from us!  Of course sometimes places don’t like a “low quality” site like ours to link to them 🙂



Filed under: — Ode to Vird @ 5:32 pm

This is by far one of the biggest ways I have procrastinated in my entire life.  This is a “simple” 2D space shooter internet game that came out around 1995 when I found it on-line in my freshman year of college and have spent sick amount of time playing since.  In fact thanks to a lovely in game command I have spent over 4971 hours in the game since September of 1998 which is when the official records were restarted.  It is grossly addictive for being an old game.  I had given it up for awhile but am back at it again.


Vaguely Disreputable

Filed under: — Greg @ 12:04 am

Are you looking for something to spend time on, but ran out of internets to read?

Check out these four awesome free fantasy novels online. They have everything:

  • magic
  • sword-fighting
  • gods
  • programming
  • zombies
  • detectives
  • curses

Seriously, go read! And show some support by chipping in to the author’s Paypal link, so he’ll write new stuff 😀


Lifehack Finally Figures It Out: Procastination Is Good For You

Filed under: — ardvaark @ 11:57 am

Lifehack, that vile source of productivity-enhancing, get-off-your-duff-and-Get-Stuff-Done nuggets, has finally figured out the Power of Procrastination.

I give you Seven Ways to Procrastinate for Better Results. Which we would have written here, but, well, you know…


zefrank tackles procrastination.

Filed under: — Llama @ 12:57 am

vlogger zefrank made a special show the other day on a topic near and dear to our hearts at If you haven’t checked him out before he has a strange mix of comedy, newsiness, and every so-often, SONG! He recently got a real job so he’ll be going offline soon, so make sure to check him out if you haven’t.

zefrank on procrastination


Securing Toilet Paper from Cats

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:47 pm

As you probably know, once cats discover what fun it is to unroll a roll of toilet paper, they will seek out and gleefully dispense entire rolls in one sitting. Some cats even go to the trouble of shredding the ever loving holy jeebus out of the downed paper, thereby rendering it unsuitable even for its original, rather modest purpose.


A winning throw

Filed under: — Greg @ 8:30 pm

Never lose a throw for shotgun again.  These handy strategies for outmaneuvering your opponent can give you the edge to master the most epic and time-honored battle of wills ever invented: rock paper scissors.


Captain’s log

Filed under: — Greg @ 8:50 pm

I just got a brand new spiffy toy helicopter from ThinkGeek. If, like me, you have a long unfulfilled childhood yearning to own a remote control toy helicopter, this guy is really your ticket. (more…)



Filed under: — Greg @ 12:07 am

[16:49] * Joins: Anonymous24 (
[16:50] <anonymous24> ssh
[16:50] <anonymous24> myp2ssw0rd
[16:50] <anonymouse> hm
[16:50] * anonymouse looks at his watch
[16:50] <anonymous24> errr
[16:50] <anonymouse> what'dya know, it's time for a new password!
[16:50] <id `> anonymouse: lol ;D
[16:50] <anonymous24> Sorry, the keys are right next to each other. :(
[16:51] <anonymouse> yeah stupid keyboards


Sleeping cats

Filed under: — Greg @ 3:37 pm

This is a list of my cat’s five favorite places to sleep, in order of decreasing preference. Please comment on where your kitty loves to nap!

  1. Clean laundry pile
  2. Any laundry pile
  3. Scrunched up next to me in bed, so when I roll over I suddenly wake up to a cat frantically trying to escape being crushed
  4. In my lap while I’m sitting at the computer, so I feel guilty getting up
  5. Anywhere that is not under water or on fire


Only a theory!

Filed under: — Greg @ 1:48 am

The weaknesses in darwinistic theories have been glossed over for too long. Several new theories have come to favor in recent years to try to fill in the gaps.


The thrill of the hunt

Filed under: — Greg @ 2:20 pm

It’s summer in North America. And with the summer heat we see the emergence of several species that had been hibernating during the long cold months. Of these warm-weather animals, surely one of the strangest and most fascinating to behold is that perennial prey of American children– the ice-cream truck.


Watch for falling fingers

Filed under: — Greg @ 5:41 pm

I got bored, and tired of hearing about how human digits are becoming ingredients in fast food.

So I did this:


Random acts of procrastination

Filed under: — Greg @ 10:08 pm

Fellow procrastinator Chuck Houpt has created this gem of time consumption called RanDMOZ. It chews up the Open Directory project contents and spits out a randomized link. You can even narrow down your search category. Check it out!


Breeding a more insidious ad

Filed under: — Greg @ 10:56 am

The ad war between pushers and blockers has escalated once again, to no one’s great surprise.

Now that IE finally blocks popup windows, that revenue stream has quickly dried up. The problem is that there are several far more evil ways to put unsolicited content in users’ faces (fake ad-word links, floating ads, etc.). Until recently, these new breeds were pretty rare, almost novelties. But now that every major browser on the market sends popups packing, ad creators are quickly adapting.


Infinite Time Begets Infinite Cats

Filed under: — ardvaark @ 12:06 pm

One of my favorite, stupid things to do when I’m in Best Buy is to take the demo video cameras and point them at the television on which they are broadcasting. You know the drill – you get an infinitely decreasing collection of images of the television. Now take that idea, move it to the world wide web, and liberally apply some old-fashioned Felis silvestris domesticus, and voil?!

I give you The Infinite Cat Project. You can start with the first feline, Frankie, and using the “Next Cat” button, click your way through almost 700 other cute kitties captured in silent contemplation of Frankie and his flower in a glorious reductionist chain.

The person responsible for this Internet masterpiece is obviously a genius.


Default password challenge

Filed under: — Doug @ 3:21 pm

I’ve been collecting AOL CD tins for another project, and every now and then, the default passwords I see imprinted on the back make me laugh.

For example, I have a tin which features the default passwords “DOUSED-PARIAH” and “SATIN-RUBY”. Somehow, this makes me giggle, although I’m sure that a pariah who had gotten soaked would think otherwise of the situation.
AOL CD with default password 'doused-pariah'
(Proof that I didn’t make this up)

So, here’s the challenge. Anyone have a default password on an AOL CD (or something similar) that’s goofier than the one above?


Stargate SG-1: The Alliance

Filed under: — ardvaark @ 12:37 pm

One of my favorite ways to avoid doing meaningful work is to watch an episode of Stargate: SG-1 on the TiVo. What can be better than watching O’Neil, Carter, and the crew combat nasty space snakes with glowing eyes?

How about an SG-1 video game! I just discovered the Stargate SG-1: The Alliance site, and I can’t wait to play it. The screenshot of the gate room looks really cool, although they didn’t show the gate.

I like how they just sort of randomly put a colon into the various Stargate franchise names wherever they feel like it.


Go TVD!!!

Filed under: — Greg @ 12:48 am

I was looking at this LED Light project because hey, LED’s. Then I did a double-take and was like “hey, I know that bed!” This guy lives in the same dorm that I did (several years ago). What a blast!

My room didn’t have cool electronic light controls, but I did have the walls tricked out with blacklight paint. (Technically it was laundry detergent, since it was pretty effective, non-destructive to the wall, and also did a good job helping to clean itself off the walls later.) Anyway, power to the room mod’ers!

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