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Sleeping cats

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This is a list of my cat’s five favorite places to sleep, in order of decreasing preference. Please comment on where your kitty loves to nap!

  1. Clean laundry pile
  2. Any laundry pile
  3. Scrunched up next to me in bed, so when I roll over I suddenly wake up to a cat frantically trying to escape being crushed
  4. In my lap while I’m sitting at the computer, so I feel guilty getting up
  5. Anywhere that is not under water or on fire

22 responses to “Sleeping cats”

  1. chara says:

    1. on the bed so i cant get up.
    2. on my computer desk.
    3. in a shoe like when she was a kitten, but know she only gets stuck.
    4. on the ping pong table just when we decide to play.
    5. a very sensitive stack of books/clothes, in a clothes drawer/under a clothes drawer (see #3)/on a shelf with no room whatsoever.

  2. the bread says:

    1. on my desk so that her whole body is blocking my desk lamp
    2. on my head so that i can’t sleep in the same room as her
    3. in my clothes
    4. wherever you can’t see her so you end up tripping on her
    5. on my foot so i can’t move xD

  3. Bekah says:

    1. On my computer, curled up.
    2. On my bed, so I can’t get in (he stretches really far for a cat!)
    3. Near my fish tank (Now, how many snacks today?)
    4. Where he can!
    5. On the warmest place in the house! xD

  4. Yasha the Wolf says:

    1. On top of/under the car just as soon as we’re about to leave.
    2. On my stomach when I lay down so I can’t move because she’s really fat.
    3. On my lap when I’m on the computer so I have to pick her up but then she gets really mad and hisses at me and then she frantically starts flinging her claws at me.
    4. Up a tree, right next to some unsuspecting squirrel because her fur blends in with the tree.
    5. In the gutters or in the chimney.

  5. Mere says:

    1. On whatever I was trying to work on.
    2. On the one piece of clothing (usually black) on an otherwise bare bed.

  6. rock paper scissors says:

    1. in dirt
    2. in cement
    3. under water, in a sack filled with rocks
    4. anywhere beyond my realization of its existence
    (sorry cat lovers; i’m a feline hit artist)

  7. kitty says:

    1. in a big pile of homemade paper shreds
    2. on sleeping peoples faces (you dont know how many of my guest get up and scream “someones suffocating me!” when the cat swoops in on a victim)
    3. with rowdy, the horse
    4. on top of the fish tank, getting her paw stuck in the filter
    5. scratching something that shouldnt be scratched (chalkboards laying on the floor, cars that are the same color as her, people whos ankles are exposed)

  8. Wildshadow says:

    1. on any table
    2. under the pool table where we can’t get them
    3. inside any box just laying around
    4. on my stuff, whatever it is
    5.on my bed
    6. on the couch
    7. on the turtle’s tank lid
    8. any where(differing on the cat) ranging from hard to soft

  9. BlackAngel says:

    1. My lap while I’m trying to do something
    2. My bed
    3. Inside our treehouse
    4. Outside in the dirt
    5. Any piece of furniture with a towel, blanket, or piece of cloth for him to curl up on

  10. skardykitty says:

    1. On the newly delivered pizza box, so we cant get the pizza out.
    2.on any kind of homework that needs to get done, or book that u have to read. my spot on the bed.
    4.on top of the tv, with his tail dangling down into the picture.
    5.the highest possible area he can get to in the house.

  11. crazyer says:

    (don’t bother me about what i’m going to say) my dogs sleep:
    1. (this is the only one for this dog) on the dirty clothes (we always say “stop dirtying up the dirty clothes”)
    2. (the rest is the other one) on my chest while i watch tv(I feel so guilty getting up. she is the cutest)
    3. Under the covers while i sleep
    4. when i’m on the computer
    5. while i try to read

  12. Derek says:

    1. On my lap when I’m at the computer
    2. on my feet while I’m sitting on the couch
    3. clean clothes (or dirty)..anything it can shed it’s fur on.
    4. in the window sitting up
    5. on a pink chair that nobody sits in because it’s pink.

  13. Julie says:

    On my laptop keyboard when I am trying to use it…only when I am trying to use it.

  14. Raven says:

    I have a bird but she’s kinda like this:
    1. on my shoulder when I have a black shirt on so she craps on it while she’s sleeping and I’m not allowed to move or else she’ll wake up
    2. on my stomache when I’m lying down
    3. right beside where I’m lying down on my bed so when I want to get out I can’t
    4. wherever she can get feathers stuck to
    5. right on top of my paper when I’m in the middle of drawing my best insparation ever ><

  15. Raven says:

    7. on my lap.
    8. on a fruit so her talons poke a hole and all the juice seeps out so when we eat the fruit it tastes like nothing XP

  16. Greg says:

    Birds can crap while they sleep? WOW talk about evolution at work. That’s just extrordinary.

  17. Eskin says:

    1. In the middle of where everyone walks
    2. On the stove
    3. In the sink
    4. On my head
    5. On my keyboard… While im typeing
    6. On the most importent paper in the house

  18. Rose says:

    1.on my back
    2.on my dad’s face
    3.on the chair just when I want to sit in it
    4.laundry basket a hat
    6.on the stairs so I trip over them
    7.on the back of the couch
    8.on the fabric i’m sewing with
    9.on the kitchen table when we’re eating

  19. miranda says:

    1. on my keyboard just when i need to use it.
    2. under my pillow at night. (squish!)
    3. in one of my drawers and my cupboards
    4. on my trampoline
    5. on the hood of the car
    6. on the table just before dinner

    well, hes a cute cat, but his slepping places arent exactly ideal…his fav place is the…

    7. washing machine and dryer.

    one time mum accidently turned it on…im glad hes still alive today! (though his is kinda sick.DX

  20. Liz says:

    Liz says:
    17th May, 2007 at 8.58am Australian EST

    1. On the book that I am trying to read
    2. On top of the television, when it is on
    3. On the keyboard of my computer; only when I am typing
    4. On top of my overweight beagle; yes Pepper is a live dog!!! It’s a symbiotic relationship…they both adore eating chicken…not live!!!
    5. On any visitor’s lap, who is not cat friendly. She merely mrrups knowingly at cat lovers, until they encourage her to sit on their laps.

  21. sallievisa says:

    my 2 cats five favorite places to sleep: on each side of the bed so I am pinned in place.
    2.One in front of the computer screen & the other on top of the mouse so I can’t work, (they love this site).
    3.on top of my shoes so I can’t leave. front of the fridge so they eat before me. front of the bathroom door so I fall on my face and they have a good laugh about it as they run away together.

  22. Too many kitties! says:

    1) On piles of laundry
    2) with their face in my coffee cup
    3) in the sink
    4) on top of the computer mouse
    5) and of course on any guest who is allergic to cats! Where else???

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