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Obeying the Law Is Dangerous

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It’s true! Haven’t you ever been behind some old granny on the expressway, anxious and angry to somehow pass them because they had the audacity to be driving the speed limit? Have you ever violently jerked into the next lane to get around them? Did you feel bad for hitting that small animal, whatever it was?

Okay, so maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, when you get some too-clever people who want to make that very point, you end up with a Meditation on the Speed Limit.

Simply awesome.


Cisna Device Template

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At the request of Amber, I have created an official Cisna Device Template.

This should erase all confusion about how to construct and utilize this complex and powerful invention.


Too much procrastination?

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Here at, we normally assume a fun, casual definition of procrastination. Putting off boring tasks can be fulfilling because it allows us to feel in charge of our time. To some people though, it might not be so much fun.


Roast Pork Loin with mushroom and dried cherry relish

Filed under: — Brian @ 12:23 am

1 boneless, rolled pork loin roast, about 3 pounds
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon plus 2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves
2 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
freshly ground pepper (to taste)
3/4 cup apple cider
3 cups thinly sliced shiitake mushrooms or 1 pound button mushrooms, sliced
2 leeks, trimmed, thinly sliced
4 tablespoons (1/4 cup) red wine vinegar
4 tablespoons (1/4 cup) dried cherries or raisins (note: Melissa and I think you should use twice as much, so at least 1/2 cup)
3 tablespoons dark brown sugar

1. Heat oven to 350 degrees. Place the roast in a shallow baking dish. Rub with 1 tbsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp of thyme leaves, 2 tsp of salt and ground pepper to taste. Pour apple cider over the roast. Cook, basting occasionally, until a meat thermometer registers 150 degrees for medium (about one hour). Remove from oven and let the roast sit for 15 minutes before cutting.

2. Meanwhile, heat 1 tbsp of olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add mushrooms and leeks. Cook until golden and tender (3-4 minutes). Stir in vinegar and cherries; increase heat to medium high. Cook, stirring constantly, until vinegar evaporates, about 2 minutes. Sprinkle the brown sugar over the vegetables and stir to melt sugar and coat veggies. Stir in remaining 2 tsp of thyme, 1/2 tsp of salt, and ground pepper to taste. Slice roast; serve with relish.

Prep time: about 15-20 minutes
Cooking time: 1 hour
Standing time: 15 minutes

To save some cash you can use button mushrooms in place of shiitake, and raisins in place of dried cherries. Personally I think that it would be good to double the amount of cherries in the recipe – we thought there weren’t enough.


the cat dimension

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  1. where missing cat toys have vanished to. related to the laws of feline dynamics. this is theorizied to be a dimension parallel to where ever socks vanish into



Cilantro Salmon

Filed under: — Matthew @ 10:11 pm

I just made this recipe tonight. Super good!

Salmon fillet (I used an entire salmon fillet, like one side of a whole fish, however you can use individual portions, cooking time will be about 5 minutes less)
2 Tbsp olive oil
Handful of fresh cilantro (if I have to guess, it was between 1/2 cup and 1 cup, if you kind of pressed it into a measuring device)
2 cloves garlic
1 green onion
1/2 tsp cumin
Juice from 1 lime
3-4 plum tomatoes, seeded and coarsely chopped

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

1) Combine finely chopped garlic cloves, finely chopped green onion, finely chopped cilantro and cumin.
2) Add olive oil and mix thoroughly.
– I prefer to dump these ingredients into a food processor or blender and do the chopping and mixing in there.

1) Line a cookie sheet with Aluminum foil and brush or spray with olive oil.
2) Lay the salmon on the foil (scales down) and lightly brush or spray the top with olive oil .
3) Sprinkle with Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.
4) Spread cilantro topping over the salmon fillet.
5) Place tomato chunks on top of cilantro coating
6) Sprinkle the whole thing with Salt and Pepper
7) Bake in 400 degree oven for 15-20 min
8) Broil for 2 minutes to crisp the top of the tomatoes and exposed salmon.

Serve while warm.


Thai Green Curry

Filed under: — Matthew @ 10:51 pm

I just made this tonight. It was good.


1-2 Tbsp green curry paste
1-2 Tbsp vegetable or peanut oil
2 can of lite coconut milk
2-3 bell peppers (variety of colors), sliced
1 small onion, sliced
Tofu, cut into 1/2 inch cubes and pressed to remove some of the liquid
3-4 Chicken breasts (cut into 1-inch strips bite-size pieces)
A few tablespoons coarsely chopped cilantro (a small handful of unchopped cilantro)
zest from 1 small lime
juice from 1 small lime

Can also add:
4 small eggplants (I prefer the long, thin asian eggplants because you can leave the skin on, slice them in half long-ways and then into bite-sized chunks)
2-3 small Zucchini, cut into thin half-moon slices


– Saute curry paste in vegetable oil for about a minute.
– Add lime zest
– If you are using chicken, add it now. Coat chicken with lime zest and paste and saute for one minute.
– Add one can of coconut milk and bring to a boil. Cook this till it thickens and reduces a bit.
– Add tofu
– Add second can of coconut milk and bring to a boil. (You can also taste the sauce and add coconut milk till it reaches the desired spiciness.)
– Add vegetables. Cover pot and simmer for 10-15 minutes, till chicken is cooked all the way through.
– Add cilantro and lime.

Serve over steamed rice.

Serves 4.

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