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Jonah, grab your board

Filed under: — Melissa @ 11:12 am

Seems this surfer caught a whale of a ride.


It’s not easy being green(s)?

Filed under: — Melissa @ 2:42 pm

From the “always inspect your produce before consumption” file, here’s a story about a woman who discovered a live frog in her bagged salad.

I wonder if they should’ve labeled the bag “surprise inside”?

Digital Pets

Filed under: — Greg @ 12:52 pm

From the ever-innovative nation of Japan we find some initial steps toward merging the common dog with the (also common) cell phone.

Of course our friends over at Cat Dynamics are years ahead of this research already. Take that, Japan.

This rocks

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:24 am

An inventor in London rigged up a pretty sophisticated way to auto-rock a baby cradle, and also detect potential problems and alert parents.

In California however, they already have a successful method for cradle rocking (simply move the whole ground). has dispatched Lindsey and Matthew to L.A. to report further. But we are po’ so they will not get there till next week.

Fake News 1, Real News a billion.

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:17 am

According to this article, people who watch The Daily Show are better informed politcally than people who read newspapers!

So Fake News is actually doing a better job of being News than Real News. I don’t even know where to go with that.

Leaving our mark

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:09 am

While I think that exploring other planets is unquestionably the coolest thing ever, I am a little saddened to see stuff like this.

Rover tracks on Mars

It reminds me of looking out over a pristine snowfall then noticing that some clod has tromped tracks all through it, wrecking the peaceful scene. Oh well, kicking up a little dust is a small price to pay for having an RC car on another planet.


Escher: That’s twisted

Filed under: — Greg @ 10:13 am

These folks at the Israel Institute of Technology have physically realized one of’s more important credos:

Just because something is impossible doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it anyway.

The spammers lied!

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:25 am

Apparently some of those commercial bulk emails we spend so much effort deleting may not be entirely honest. I know… this discovery comes as a shock to us all.



Filed under: — Greg @ 7:51 pm

I was watching the station-identification clip on CNN just now (you know, the “This .. is CNN” thing).

And suddenly it dawned on me: The spokesperson for CNN is … DARTH VADER!

Maybe they are working for the Empire after all.


Welcome to Bizarro World

Filed under: — Greg @ 5:18 pm

French scientists have discovered a liquid that becomes a solid when heated.

I think we have a new winner for most unusual states-of-matter trick. (Until now, the fact that water expands in volume when frozen was the champion.)

Lazy, or ambitious

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:57 am

Normal spiders produce webs in intricate and/or interesting patterns, with the intention of catching their food. Those I can understand. What bugs me is the spider that’s like “I have to string 20 ft. of web. I think I’ll just make one looooooong strand, and attach it at either end… right about at human eye level”

I can’t figure out whether they’re too lazy to go through the effort of making a more complicated web, or they’re trying to snare people walking down the sidewalk.

I know very little about spiders, so perhaps someone else can enlighten me?


When Dolphins Attack

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:42 am

Quality. They’re coming right for us.

I am reminded of a Simpsons episode 🙂


Filed under: — Greg @ 10:35 am

Apparently the Almighty (or whoever is running the weather patterns these days) has something to say about the upcoming general presidential election.

Study shows: water = wet

Filed under: — Greg @ 12:12 am

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has conducted a study and determined that herbal supplements which claim sexual enhancement are full of crap.

They did a study to show this. Presumably a real study, using money, actual people, hypotheses, and experiments. They had to do a study? This just knocks me over.

Well at least now that it’s done maybe all 5 of the people in the world who thought these things worked will know better. And I will stop getting all that spam.

Pole Dancers Wanted

Filed under: — Greg @ 12:03 am

Students in Jacksonville got punished for creating a stripper pole in their apartment, then hosting a party (where there was no stripping involved. Seriously, there wasn’t.)

The funniest thing is reading what the university trumped up to charge them with. They didn’t break any decency rules.. at all. It’s like getting caught speeding 120 mph in a 65 and being issued a ticket for improper lane usage instead.

As for claims that the whole thing is degrading to women, I just have to ask. Do male strippers never dance around poles? I admit to a certain level of ignorance here. Having said all that, I’m not about to rush out for pole-based entertainment (from either sex).


Dogs can smell cancer

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:56 pm

Man, dogs can smell anything. I wonder if they can smell time itself.

Speaking of that, it smells late. Must sleep.


Filed under: — Greg @ 11:21 pm

Made a Halo2 countdown timer. Feel free to use it if you want.

WARNING: the nifty font will only work on Windows in IE. It’s not my fault, there isn’t a way to embed fonts in any other browser!

Here’s a screen cap for those of us who use Firefox and Safari, so you can know the coolness you are missing:


Parties thwart unfair spending caps!

Filed under: — Greg @ 12:16 am

In a fine display of interprative innovation and legal hair-splitting, the Bush campaign found a way to use way more money to broadcast its messages into our brains.


Probes and Planets

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:15 pm

Anyone else find it ironic that we can operate probes on other planets
Spirit / Opportunity on Mars
yet seem to have difficulty landing them on our own?
Genesis Splat

Decent exposure

Filed under: — Greg @ 10:35 pm

In San Francisco, it is not illegal to be naked, even in public. There is something very reassuring to me about this knowledge. I think outlawing nudity is outlawing humanity. That said, I think I’ll still keep pants on next time I’m there.

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