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Welcome to Bizarro World

Filed under: — Greg @ 5:18 pm

French scientists have discovered a liquid that becomes a solid when heated.

I think we have a new winner for most unusual states-of-matter trick. (Until now, the fact that water expands in volume when frozen was the champion.)

Lazy, or ambitious

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:57 am

Normal spiders produce webs in intricate and/or interesting patterns, with the intention of catching their food. Those I can understand. What bugs me is the spider that’s like “I have to string 20 ft. of web. I think I’ll just make one looooooong strand, and attach it at either end… right about at human eye level”

I can’t figure out whether they’re too lazy to go through the effort of making a more complicated web, or they’re trying to snare people walking down the sidewalk.

I know very little about spiders, so perhaps someone else can enlighten me?

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