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It’s not easy being green(s)?

Filed under: — Melissa @ 2:42 pm

From the “always inspect your produce before consumption” file, here’s a story about a woman who discovered a live frog in her bagged salad.

I wonder if they should’ve labeled the bag “surprise inside”?

Digital Pets

Filed under: — Greg @ 12:52 pm

From the ever-innovative nation of Japan we find some initial steps toward merging the common dog with the (also common) cell phone.

Of course our friends over at Cat Dynamics are years ahead of this research already. Take that, Japan.

This rocks

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:24 am

An inventor in London rigged up a pretty sophisticated way to auto-rock a baby cradle, and also detect potential problems and alert parents.

In California however, they already have a successful method for cradle rocking (simply move the whole ground). has dispatched Lindsey and Matthew to L.A. to report further. But we are po’ so they will not get there till next week.

Fake News 1, Real News a billion.

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:17 am

According to this article, people who watch The Daily Show are better informed politcally than people who read newspapers!

So Fake News is actually doing a better job of being News than Real News. I don’t even know where to go with that.

Leaving our mark

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:09 am

While I think that exploring other planets is unquestionably the coolest thing ever, I am a little saddened to see stuff like this.

Rover tracks on Mars

It reminds me of looking out over a pristine snowfall then noticing that some clod has tromped tracks all through it, wrecking the peaceful scene. Oh well, kicking up a little dust is a small price to pay for having an RC car on another planet.

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