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Talking about projects

Filed under: — Greg @ 1:53 pm

I was unaware of this, but it seems that announcing your plans makes you less likely to accomplish them.

As I see it, you could use this knowledge either as a tool to foster procrastination, or a means to keep yourself driven to get things done.

In retrospect, my own behavior with respect to projects totally bears out these findings.


Securing Toilet Paper from Cats

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:47 pm

As you probably know, once cats discover what fun it is to unroll a roll of toilet paper, they will seek out and gleefully dispense entire rolls in one sitting. Some cats even go to the trouble of shredding the ever loving holy jeebus out of the downed paper, thereby rendering it unsuitable even for its original, rather modest purpose.


Cisna Device Template

Filed under: — Greg @ 5:49 am

At the request of Amber, I have created an official Cisna Device Template.

This should erase all confusion about how to construct and utilize this complex and powerful invention.


Repairing a Palm Tungsten-T

Filed under: — Greg @ 9:01 pm

My trusty PDA had a willing spirit, but was plagued with increasingly many problems as it aged. I took some time today to take the thing apart, poke around inside fixing and cleaning, and make a nice record of my adventure, complete with pictures.




Neko skittles

Filed under: — Greg @ 10:12 pm

In an effort to avoid work today, I decided it was high time I updated web neko to version 3.0. Now with Pretty Colors!



Filed under: — hoosier @ 5:52 pm

In case you haven’t heard, most of the contributors/members here at spend a good chunk of time chatting on irc. Just call it our little support group.



Filed under: — Greg @ 1:03 am

We have a number of projects, many old, some new. One of the projects is to GET the projects pages ported to the new site. But since that doesn’t seem to be happening in a timely fashion, I want to link to the old projects page here.

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