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Parties thwart unfair spending caps!

Filed under: — Greg @ 12:16 am

In a fine display of interprative innovation and legal hair-splitting, the Bush campaign found a way to use way more money to broadcast its messages into our brains.

The problem here is that the RNC has SOO much money, but there are some pesky laws that keep getting in the way of the Bush campaign’s efforts to weild that vast bankroll. Well not any more. Some clever operatives realized that if you pretend to make the message about the whole party, the party money can be used to foot the bill!

And don’t get all righteous, you Democrats out there, because the Kerry campaign is scrambling to get down that same loophole as fast as they can.

To demonstrate how ridiculous this all is, I think there should be a law that says all political ads over a certain price cap need to be sponsored like Sesame Street episodes. “John Kerry is wrong on taxes. [this message brought to you by the letter W]”

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