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the cat dimension

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  1. where missing cat toys have vanished to. related to the laws of feline dynamics. this is theorizied to be a dimension parallel to where ever socks vanish into


3 responses to “the cat dimension”

  1. shirley says:

    why is it when they return from said parallel dimension they (the toys) are always covered in dust bunny like substance?

  2. Candi says:

    Like my socks snd pantyhose, said demension in our house is under the bed. Said socks and pantyhose have mysterious runs in them, reminiscent to the claw marks the resident feline leaves on the couch and table legs in aforementioned house.

  3. Meep says:

    No, no. The cat dimension is much smaller than the theory proclaims. Missing socks and other foolish items (save cat toys) have their own dimension, run by chiuauas…chiwowas…chiwauas…ACK! anyway, those teeny little dogs rule the sock dimension because they’re not normal living creatures; they aren’t from earth. In fact, no dogs are from earth. Anything that stares at a toilet or fire hydrant like that isn’t from earth.



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