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Infinite Time Begets Infinite Cats

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One of my favorite, stupid things to do when I’m in Best Buy is to take the demo video cameras and point them at the television on which they are broadcasting. You know the drill – you get an infinitely decreasing collection of images of the television. Now take that idea, move it to the world wide web, and liberally apply some old-fashioned Felis silvestris domesticus, and voil?!

I give you The Infinite Cat Project. You can start with the first feline, Frankie, and using the “Next Cat” button, click your way through almost 700 other cute kitties captured in silent contemplation of Frankie and his flower in a glorious reductionist chain.

The person responsible for this Internet masterpiece is obviously a genius.

4 responses to “Infinite Time Begets Infinite Cats”

  1. Greg says:

    Best Idea Evar.

  2. ancker says:

    I’d like a $1 refund for my wasted data transfer please.

  3. kitty says:

    i point the camera at the employees doing stupid things, like picking their nose when they think no ones looking, acidentally dropping some boxes, the geek squad screwing really bad, like they say “well, it seems like your cpu has crashed…no, wait, this isnt even a cpu is it?” and someone says “nope thats a monitor” the other says “whats a cpu? and a monitor? and what does crashed mean?”(you can tell who the new guy is)

  4. Fane says:

    It’s so amazingly idiotic … and yet … I can’t seem to stop clicking ‘next’.

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