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Watch for falling fingers

Filed under: — Greg @ 5:41 pm

I got bored, and tired of hearing about how human digits are becoming ingredients in fast food.

So I did this:

4 responses to “Watch for falling fingers”

  1. Mel says:

    Haha! Nice.

    Next time I visit an ice cream establishment, I’ll be sure to check how much extra they charge for those “toppings”.

  2. Akurol says:

    Haha! I bet you could make that into a T-Shirt and it would sell!

  3. Not for you to know. >D says:


    -laughs hard, doubbling over- OMG…that is hillarious…SERIOUSLY!

    Yeah! I agree with Akurol; put it on a t-shirt and sell it! I bet it would catch on pretty quickly.

  4. cody B says:

    HAHA! THATS GREAT! i used to work at the place that had the finger in the icecream. i didnt think someone would make a blog dedicated to that incident. We were advised to not talk to the media, or any one for that matter, and for one reason or another, they wanted us to wash our hands more often… hmm. oh, the best part about that was when the guy who found the finger refused to give it back until the man threatened to sue…

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