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Goldfish Extinction

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:04 pm

Damn you, Pepperidge Farm. Every time I find a new Goldfish cracker variety that I enjoy, that species quickly disappears, to be replaced by slightly less powerful breeds in flashier packaging. They used to have “Spicy Cheddar”, then they downgraded to “Nothin’ but Nacho”, and now all I can find is “Eh, it’s still Cheese Flavored”.

Barely There

Filed under: — Greg @ 8:45 pm

The newest innovation in fabric is actually single-atom-thick carbon nanofabric called ‘graphene’. They are looking at this for applications in computers. I keep thinking “hmm, really thin strong fabric” and then I kind of blank out for a minute as my mind takes that to its own conclusions.

DVDs = Coasters

Filed under: — Greg @ 8:29 pm

Some commentary on the “what’s next” technology that will be sending your whole beautiful DVD collection off to the same place you store all those AOL CDs.

Can’t get left out

Filed under: — Greg @ 8:19 pm

Everyone else has mentioned the Flying Lawnmower. We here at feel that we would be in dereliction of duty if we did not follow suit.

Taking it apart is cheating

Filed under: — Greg @ 7:59 pm

Oh wow, this is the coolest waste of time I’ve seen in a LONG time. This guy designed and built a functional (though kind of impractical) Rubik’s CubeTM out of LegosTM!

Happy Autumn from Central IL

Filed under: — Greg @ 7:18 pm

Some photos I snapped in (mostly) Washington park recently.


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