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Cheap holograms

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:24 pm

For a hundred bucks, you can apparently make your own holograms now. As a kid I was always fascinated by the idea holography, so this sounds pretty cool to me. The thing I like best, though, is their FAQ page, where they answer the single frequent question: “Can you make holograms like in Star Wars/Trek?”.

2 responses to “Cheap holograms”

  1. Stewart says:

    I think holograms are neat but every where I serch the kits are too expensive. ARE THERE ANY OTHER TECH GEEKS WHO HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!! If you read this please make a comment.

  2. Greg says:

    I haven’t looked for other kits. I agree that 100 bucks is a higher amount than my interest in holograpy!

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