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Crock Pot Italian Beef

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This one is from Melissa Hays – Italian Beef, crockpot style. Preparation time: 2 minutes (+ 9 hours or so in the crock pot)

1) One cheaper cut beef roast (I think I got some kind of tip roast), approx 2-3 pounds
2) One packet Good Seasons Italian dressing mix
3) One jar pepperoncini or giardiniera (I used pepperoncini, because that’s what I found at the store)

1. Put roast into the crockpot. I have a large, 6qt model, but something a little smaller would work fine.
2. Pour in the jar of peppers, juice and all.
3. Fill the jar with water and add the powdered seasoning mix. Give it a little shake, pour into the crockpot.
4. Turn crockpot on low, cover and cook for 8-9 hours.

When it’s done, you’ll have nice tender meat, plenty of juice, and be able to pull the meat apart with a fork. Serve on buns, and bon appetit!

Estimated prep time: 2 minutes
Est. cook time: 9 hours

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