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Global Warming Tipping Point

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According to researchers, the effects of global warming could reach an unstoppable turning point. However, if they are wrong, a lot of rich people could lose a lot of money for no reason. Besides, the worst that could happen if they are right is that the entire ecosystem on Earth could be irreparably damaged. Oh, right, we’re still trying to convice the current administration that global warming EXISTS! So much for signing the Kyoto accord.

2 responses to “Global Warming Tipping Point”

  1. Greg says:

    It’s not just the administration. I know several (otherwise) intelligent people who are convinced that simply because you can’t watch it happening in front of your face before dinner, global warming is a figment of the misguided liberal communists.

    Apparently, there are studies that show there’s no such thing. And the studies have been shunned by every reputable (by which I mean neutral peer-reviewed) scientific publication. Of course this, reason the people above, is just proof that peer-reviewed journals are crap.

    It’s kind of funny that this is largely the same crowd that’s pushing the “theory” of Intelligent Design. You’d think they’d want to take better care of God’s creation.

    [My opinions may not be those of the community. But nyah nyah it’s my domain].

  2. cardboardcastle says:

    A few years ago I worked as a telephone surveyer for a research company. We called people all over Canada to..get this…ask them if climate change exists. And a surprising number of people said “no, it doesn’t”. Some of these people seemingly politically active and socially aware. I was shocked. This the same year an Ottawa newspaper published a front page pic of Parliament Hill with palm trees in the middle of winter! I think you;re right that what people can’t see….doesn’t necessarily exist. Reality comes down to perception and perception is a fickle master!

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