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  1. The condition of being unable to rise from a sitting position because a cat is purring or sleeping in your lap.


  1. To protect your computer session when you go away so that your cat cannot affect it by walking on / sleeping on / eating parts of the keyboard.


5 responses to “catlock”

  1. rouge says:

    i love neko iwanna keep him forever

  2. Beth C.H says:

    I have cats and this happens all the time

  3. sallievisa9 says:


    I also suffer from catlock. Can I use this on my future (I’m still procrastinating) website?


  4. Greg says:

    Sure it’s just a word, don’t think you can copyright a word 🙂

  5. adrian bell says:

    i had a cat called catlock, she lived 20 years and died last year. it is not original as i invented it as a name long ago. like the idea though? she was the greatest cat i ever had

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