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Why we keep choosing to procrastinate

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Netflix: Anything you Desire

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Every. Single. Time. You know you should be better about getting to work, or quit your facebook games, or spend less time streaming netflix.

But every single time you are faced with the option, it seems like there’s always a great reason to procrastinate this time. It even feels like you’re building up some kind of quota, after which you will say, “Fine, I’ve wasted enough time this year, and hence forth I will only do important things!”. Does that day ever actually come? If so, how long before you start feeling like you deserve to ‘Next’ your way into that third or fourth netflix stream in a row again?

For years I have been interested in brains and how they are wired up for thinking (often quite inefficiently and rather shoddily). That’s why I found this article so interesting:

Why Our Monkey Brains Are Prone to Procrastination (No, It’s Not Just Laziness or Lack Of Willpower)

Doesn’t it seem like a good idea to take a few minutes and give that a read just now? After all, maybe you’ll learn something about yourself and procrastinate less next time. Next time, for sure. But this time, go read the article.

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