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Pepper Mill (drink, gin)

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IMG_0044A Pepper Mill is made with:

  • Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin
  • 3 shakes Fee Bros. Black Walnut bitters
  • 1 shake Fee Bros. Indian Orange bitters
  • Hibiscus Strong Tonic syrup
  • Fill with soda water and mix

Sweet garnish: candied maraschino cherry, a delicious treat

Tart garnish: lime wedge, a more classic G+T vibe

The overall taste is light, complex, and sweet but not cloying.








Procrastinator’s Calendar!

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procrastinators_calendarAnn Barb sent me this lovely and vastly over-flattering note.  So in exchange I am touting their project on our fanciful, unlikely-to-help-their-link-rank-in-any-way web site.

Hey guys!

Thought you guys might get a kick out of this: The Procrastinator’s Calendar.

It’s a calendar that doesn’t start until March, and features extra space at the end of the week and end of the month (when everything actually gets done), along with procrastinator-specific holidays and procrastination-inducing artwork.

It’s funding on Kickstarter right now. It’s already past its goal, which is completely against the entire idea of the calendar, but oh well! Haha.

Check it out here:


P.S. Thanks for having an awesome site. You guys rule.

You’re welcome, Ann.  I assure you, that you are the one who rules.


Music to Procrastinate By

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Back in February, I got the following message.  In true procrastinatorial fashion, I am just now finally getting around to sharing it with the world:


I am a fan of procrastination and recently found your site.

I’m a New York City-baed jazz vocalist and lyricist, and have recently released a CD titled The Procrastinator, with a song on it called the Procrastinator. In part it is a tribute to the original album with this title, by trumpeter Lee Morgan. Morgan also wrote the instrumental tune The Procrastinator, which I wrote the lyrics for & sing on the CD.
I put it up on Youtune (kind of a rudimentary video, but it has the whole song):

Perhaps it’s something your members would enjoy!

I hope Dorian gets a few hits from us!  Of course sometimes places don’t like a “low quality” site like ours to link to them 🙂


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre People

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Mediocre Target

Rumpus original art by Liam Golden.

At, James Altucher writes:

I’m pretty mediocre. I’m ashamed to admit it. I’m not even being sarcastic or self-deprecating. I’ve never done anything that stands out. No “Whoa! This guy made it into outer space!” or, “This guy has a best selling novel!” or, “If only Google had thought of this!” I’ve had some successes and some failures but never reached any of the goals I had initially set. Always slipped off along the way, off the yellow brick road, into the wilderness.

I’ve started a bunch of companies. Sold some. Failed at most. I’ve invested in a bunch of startups. Sold some. Failed at some, and the jury is still sequestered on a few others. I’ve written some books, most of which I no longer like. I can tell you overall, though, everything I have done has been distinguished by its mediocrity, its lack of a grand vision, and any success I’ve had can be put just as much in the luck basket as the effort basket.

That said, all people should be so lucky. We can’t all be grand visionaries. We can’t all be Picassos. We want to make our business, make our art, sell it, make some money, raise a family, and try to be happy. My feeling, based on my own experience, is that aiming for grandiosity is the fastest route to failure.

Stop whatever it is you’re doing, and go read his excellent essay immediately.  Especially, note Habit #1 🙂


Why we keep choosing to procrastinate

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Netflix: Anything you Desire

(Image: Uninspired Netflix envelope, a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike (2.0) image from jovino's photostream)

Every. Single. Time. You know you should be better about getting to work, or quit your facebook games, or spend less time streaming netflix.

But every single time you are faced with the option, it seems like there’s always a great reason to procrastinate this time. It even feels like you’re building up some kind of quota, after which you will say, “Fine, I’ve wasted enough time this year, and hence forth I will only do important things!”. Does that day ever actually come? If so, how long before you start feeling like you deserve to ‘Next’ your way into that third or fourth netflix stream in a row again?

For years I have been interested in brains and how they are wired up for thinking (often quite inefficiently and rather shoddily). That’s why I found this article so interesting:

Why Our Monkey Brains Are Prone to Procrastination (No, It’s Not Just Laziness or Lack Of Willpower)

Doesn’t it seem like a good idea to take a few minutes and give that a read just now? After all, maybe you’ll learn something about yourself and procrastinate less next time. Next time, for sure. But this time, go read the article.


How to Procrastinate

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New to the Island of procrastination? This great “HowTo of the day” article on How To Procrastinate will get you started down the path of doing things other than what you should be doing.



Control what you like

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There are a lot of interesting ideas in this post at lesswrong about how to make good things seem more enjoyable for longer, and how to make tedious or demoralizing things seem like less of an insurmountable chore. Great tools for any procrastinator!


Talking about projects

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I was unaware of this, but it seems that announcing your plans makes you less likely to accomplish them.

As I see it, you could use this knowledge either as a tool to foster procrastination, or a means to keep yourself driven to get things done.

In retrospect, my own behavior with respect to projects totally bears out these findings.


Get on with it

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Having trouble getting things done? Is your procrastination controlling you instead of allowing you a fun respite from your obligations? Here are some ideas that may help.


Vaguely Disreputable

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Are you looking for something to spend time on, but ran out of internets to read?

Check out these four awesome free fantasy novels online. They have everything:

  • magic
  • sword-fighting
  • gods
  • programming
  • zombies
  • detectives
  • curses

Seriously, go read! And show some support by chipping in to the author’s Paypal link, so he’ll write new stuff 😀



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n. frozen fruit that comes in bags in the grocery store, and may not be identifiable any longer as a fruit



Securing Toilet Paper from Cats

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As you probably know, once cats discover what fun it is to unroll a roll of toilet paper, they will seek out and gleefully dispense entire rolls in one sitting. Some cats even go to the trouble of shredding the ever loving holy jeebus out of the downed paper, thereby rendering it unsuitable even for its original, rather modest purpose.


The ‘P’ function

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Researchers have formulated a motivation formula called Temporal Motivational Theory.  But I hereby rename it The P function, because it determines how likely we are to procrastinate.


Pimp my Dolphin

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A dolphin with extra fins has been discovered (by which I mean captured). Scientists assume this mutation is an evolutionary throwback to before cetaceans lost their back legs.

To me it seems clear that this is just a new body mod fad for bottlenose adolescents.



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  1. The condition of being unable to rise from a sitting position because a cat is purring or sleeping in your lap.


  1. To protect your computer session when you go away so that your cat cannot affect it by walking on / sleeping on / eating parts of the keyboard.



A winning throw

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Never lose a throw for shotgun again.  These handy strategies for outmaneuvering your opponent can give you the edge to master the most epic and time-honored battle of wills ever invented: rock paper scissors.


Captain’s log

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I just got a brand new spiffy toy helicopter from ThinkGeek. If, like me, you have a long unfulfilled childhood yearning to own a remote control toy helicopter, this guy is really your ticket. (more…)



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[16:49] * Joins: Anonymous24 (
[16:50] <anonymous24> ssh
[16:50] <anonymous24> myp2ssw0rd
[16:50] <anonymouse> hm
[16:50] * anonymouse looks at his watch
[16:50] <anonymous24> errr
[16:50] <anonymouse> what'dya know, it's time for a new password!
[16:50] <id `> anonymouse: lol ;D
[16:50] <anonymous24> Sorry, the keys are right next to each other. :(
[16:51] <anonymouse> yeah stupid keyboards


Jumping Eggs

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Hats off to these guys for mastery of procrastination. It took two years of development, but they proved that spinning a hard-boiled egg can make it jump. Who funded that research, I have to wonder?


Cisna Device Template

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At the request of Amber, I have created an official Cisna Device Template.

This should erase all confusion about how to construct and utilize this complex and powerful invention.

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