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Cisna Device

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  1. A piece of 8.5×11 inch (pc ld. ltr.) paper with a circular hole cut out of the center. Used for trapping flightless insects for relocation purposes:

    * KidneyThief is smarter than a bug.
    I cut a circle in a piece of paper, and waited for it to make an appearance.
    Which it did at around noon.
    So I slammed the paper down around it, and picked it up when it started running.
    Knowing, as I do, that spiders don’t like falling.
    Then I took it outside, and he’s now back among his evil brethren.


2 responses to “Cisna Device”

  1. Amber says:

    Can you make me a template for a Cisna Device? I have arachnophobia and this sounds like it’d actually be fairly handy should I ever have the courage to get close enough to one of them…

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