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Avast ye scurvy dogs!

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Heave to and stand straight, ye lubbers! It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! So git out yer Bandana’s and favourite parrot, break out th’ rum ‘n git loaded to the gunwhales, and belay that lubber talk and let out a “Yarr!” lest I besow a Blackspot upon ye!

If yer a little shaky in yer pirate lingo, perhaps ye want to steer the good ship Firefox over to Ye ol’ Piratey Translator or Steve Jackson’s Pirate Glossary

So call yer local 7-11 merchant a Scallywag, Answer yer phone with a hearty Ahoy, and round up yer favourate lass (or lad) for some pirate merriment!

An if’n you don’t recoginze me, I’m a brand new recruit for these bilge drinkers at Head over to my personal blog or my portfolio website (which is currently under a re-design, so don’t mind the broken links.)

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