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National Singles Week

Filed under: — Greg @ 11:48 pm

This week is National Singles week. I expected this to make me think about the fact that I’m single, but my mind actually followed along a different path…

You know, there are a LOT of these national weeks. Everything under the sun from Singles Week to Talk Like a Pirate Day. With all these national periods of recognition (day, week, or month) there must be a significant amount of overlap.

This causes me to wonder, what is the most overloaded National day? I.e. what day of the year holds the record for having the most national recognition events assigned to it? If anyone thinks of an easy way to find out, please let me know!

One response to “National Singles Week”

  1. Teddy Laich says:

    I blogged about something similar a while back but it was about Self-Proclaimed “capitol’s of the world”

    I’ll see what I can do on the National blahblah days topic.

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