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Where DVDs go when they die

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As a some time patron of Papa John’s fine franchises, I have repeatedly been offered a free DVD each time I order a large-caliber pizza.

In the past, the most striking thing about their vast (3) selection of available movies has been that no citizen of the earth could have wanted to watch, much less own them.

I heard today that they have refreshed their title selection. The most striking thing about the new movies is that no one has ever HEARD of them.

The method they use to choose their 3 films is beyond anything I can imagine. I’m confident that you could pick better films by throwing darts at a picture of Dick Cheney, while randomly picking movies by some method.

Honestly though, I’m not sure who the dartboard picture should be of. There’s just too many choices!

One response to “Where DVDs go when they die”

  1. Doug says:

    I’d go with a picture of the guy who stole the Half-Life source code. Without him, Valve would at least have dreamed up a better excuse for why the game is so late.

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