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Kick us *AGAIN* while we’re down

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OK, how much fun is George Lucas having. He got to take the most successful nerd movies ever, timeless classics, and give them updated cool effects. Of course, the problem is that he didn’t stop there. And now, it’s become even worse.

That’s right. Remember those subtle scene changes that completely wrecked the experience of what was otherwise a masterpiece? Well now that Lucas has taken his first few bites out of the plot, he found he has a taste for blood. The newly released DVDs contain not only that first unfortunate set of updates, but also several new ones.

And don’t think for a second that the new-new changes are there in order to repair the old-new changes. Unfortunately they are yet a further abberation. The primary focus seems to be changing the old movies so that they link up better with the new ones. I wish instead they’d change certain aspects of the new ones (such as making the characters believable).

This is all so much shouting at the wind, of course. It’s not important to Lucas what the fans think. The movies are his, and his alone, to change as he pleases. And change. And change.

Someone needs to tell that guy he’s not quite as brilliant as he thinks. On the other hand, he is wealthy and successful and I’m not. So, I’m probably just full of it.

2 responses to “Kick us *AGAIN* while we’re down”

  1. Mel says:

    Insanity and hubris are encouraged when you’re rich and famous.

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